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​What we do  

Incorporation & Registration

OMG assists with the incorporation and registry of a wide variety of legal vehicles, as well as administrative services. The type of legal vehicle to be proposed for incorporation will depend on clients´ needs and purposes, taking into consideration different jurisdictions.

In compliance with the applicable governance rules, OMG assists with the required meetings for the approval of financial statements, management and accountability reports.  We also assist with the drafting and recording of corporate resolutions required by the entity in its business operations and undertakings.

Corporate Maintenance & Corporate Governance

Compliance, Bank Accounts

Our qualified team can assist with compliance procedures, as well as with the process of opening bank accounts, including the drafting and filing of the resolutions required.

Our team is able to provide with accounting and tax compliance services, including bookkeeping, tax fillings, financial reporting, auditor liaison and supervision, as well as assistance with tax authorities’ enquiries.


Administrative Services

OMG can assist with payroll services, payments to third parties, and with the administrative tasks required for the entity to do business.

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