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At OMG we offer fiduciary services for both natural and legal persons, having a solution for the specific needs of each client. Among the services we offer you can find:

What we do

Client representation

We offer the service to our clients so that, on their behalf, we can perform certain deeds.

We provide advice for the creation of the most suitable legal structure according to the needs that allows the protection and efficient management of assets. Similarly, we carry out the activities entrusted to achieve the objective and purposes established by the client.

Business & wealth Management

Domicile establishment services

Our clients have the facility to request the service of registered office to non-resident companies and newly incorporated companies in the country, for purposes of corporate and tax registration, receipt of correspondence, and their representation in case of a visit of local authorities in relation to the service.

We assist our clients in the custody of titles, documents, and securities, which main purpose is to give formality, seriousness, and support to the fulfillment of another operation or legal business.

Escrow agent services

In order to be able to offer a complete service, we have the support of Fiduciaria OMG, which we invite you to visit through its website by clicking on the image.

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