We are a think & do tank from the Dominican Republic, driven to the development of business and economy through research, consulting services and solutions. OMG has position itself as an organization that integrates research and professional services gathering strategists from diverse areas with the purpose of creating social impact, generate knowledge, and add/create innovative value in the societies in which we operate.


Our interdisciplinary staff is available at any time to satisfy the needs of our clients in strict compliance with applicable law, making use of efficient knowledge management systems, strategic planning, teamwork and state-of-the-art technology.

Our Mission

Add Value

Our Vision

Be the organization chosen by our key stakeholders, relying on the appropriate resources in order to achieve our strategic plans, with an international dimension and with a strict adherence to sustainability standards.

  • Innovation

  • Synergy

  • Knowledge

  • Planning

  • Opportunity





  • Knowledge

  • Strategy

  • Social Impact

Currently we have two offices within the territory of the Dominican Republic, which are located in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, and one office located in Panama.


OMG is affiliated to LEGUS, a prestigious international network of leading law firms, something that allows us to extend beyond our geographical and territorial borders and which in turn demonstrates the trust placed in us by other globally recognized firms.