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As a result of constant innovation, and recognizing the importance given these days to efficiency, flexibility and quality when deciding how to satisfy your wants and needs, we have created the following products supported by our experience and our capacity to develop technology and knowledge. We have a research & development team that is constantly focused on finding new ways to add value, either improving what we already have or creating new solutions for the market.

Our Products
Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 4.19.54 PM.png

Created for the management of the norm for prevention of money laundering & terrorism financing 


Created for the administration of legal entities, allowing the user to have access in a timely manner to valuable information about the corporate life of its entities


OMG Tax.png

Created to attend to the accounting and tax needs of organizations and liberal professionals




Created by the IOMG for the general public about trending topics, or elaborated according to specific needs of an organization

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