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At OMG we believe that the efforts of an experienced and creative professional team ensure that clients receive individualized attention and satisfactory results, both for them and for our society.

We have a dynamic work environment where the strengths and talents of our team are employed in different ways. We have an innovative work culture that has fostered rapid growth and we consistently seek new professionals to add to our talent pool. We are committed to the success of our resources.


Our recruitment system consists of identifying and attracting talent. We hunt talent, we do not fill vacancies. We seek professionals with a solid academic background, with a commitment to continuous learning and the development of their professional and social skills.


Our resources are expected to devote their time, energy and talent to meet the needs of customers through excellent service.


For more information on how to become part of our talents, please contact us at the following:


Auxiliar Administrativo



Distrito Nacional




Distrito Nacional

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