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At OMG we have a team of experts to assist you with all your audit & accounting needs. We are characterized by the rigorous analysis of the projects under our responsibility, offering advice and support in accounting matters to both companies and individuals, whether local or foreign. At the same time, our audit covers from the strategic planning of the development of the audit, to the issuance of financial statement reports, anticipating risks and establishing solutions, considering the internal and external variables.


We perform accounting management, fiscal management, financial audits and fiscal audits, in order to check integrity and accuracy, taking into consideration the best applicable accounting practices based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the International Accounting Standards (NIC), as well as the current fiscal provisions.

​What we do  - Audit

Financial Statements Audit

Review of the financial statements of an entity based on a series of previously established standards, having as a result the publication of an independent opinion on the financial statements.

Systematic process of obtaining and objectively evaluating the evidence about the statements and facts related to acts and events of a tax nature, in order to certify such statements in light of the established criteria.

Tax Audit

Limited Financial Review

Formulation of questions to the management of the entity and the application of analytical procedures on the specific areas of the financial statements subject to limited review.

Comprehensive study of the stocking and corporate structure of an entity, as well as the operations that are carried out, that allow to measure the risks of an investment when the acquisition of any company or a purchase/sale is made.

Due Diligence

What we do - Accounting 
Accounting Register
Financial Statements Formulation
Submission of Sworn Statements
Compliance and update (regarding tax obligations)
Tax Planning
Amendments processes
Accounting Records Updating
Payroll Management
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