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Regulatorio To Pag

OMG understands that doing business successfully is contingent upon a sound interaction with public authorities. By understanding the policy objectives underlying norms, the firm strives to grant its clients a commercial advantage by striking the correct balance between production and regulation.


We have robust experience advising private enterprises, public institutions and regulatory bodies in all the specialized areas of legal practice, including financial regulation, telecommunications, social security, taxation, antitrust, energy and constitutional and human rights law. Our interaction with public officials is grounded on strict adherence to the highest ethical standards, serving to solidify its standing as one of the preferred advisors to both regulated entities and governmental institutions. 

Areas of Concentration

Administrative Law

Our attorneys’ have vast experience in administrative law, providing advice in a wide range of areas of this field of law, focusing on compliance of obligations with the public authorities and government contracts, as well as assistance on filing claims in this area. 


OMG Consultants have presented claims before forums such as the Supreme Court of Justice, the Pensions Superintendency, the National Social Security Council, the Securities Superintendency and the Banking Superintendency.

Environmental and planning concerns are crucial to most industrial undertakings that require the adequate use of land and other natural resources. OMG holds a comprehensive knowledge in dealing with the main issues of environmental law, including conflict resolution, project development, environmental compliance, and policymaking.


OMG has developed tactical timetables for obtaining environmental permitting and licensing schemes. The firm’s green practice is focused on all aspects of environmental planning and compliance. OMG Consultants in this practice area maintain effective relationships with regulators throughout all public environmental and urban planning agencies.


Constitucional Law

Safeguarding the rule of law lies at the core of all of OMG’s practice and industry areas. Our consultants are particularly skillful with the fundamentals of constitutional matters in all the specialized areas of law. The firm has actively pursued constitutionality claims before the entire judicial spectrum and offers advice to private entities and public authorities in matters of constitutional law. 


OMG’s human rights practice is also highly respected for its thorough understanding and expertise in the protection of economic and social rights for individuals, institutions and corporations.

OMG’s practice is exceptionally well positioned in antitrust matters. This is partly due to the team’s strong interdisciplinary academic formation and unique insight in law, regulation and economics from both a private and public perspective. OMG is a leading advocate of the economic and strategic analysis of legal rules, placing special emphasis on competition and antitrust issues.


We have been constantly retained for strategic advice on antitrust compliance, including competition and trade issues, consumer protection, conduct of business concerns and abuse of dominance situations.



OMG’s energy practice is based on a solid understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of this pivotal industry. The firm has advised both domestic and foreign investors in all matters associated to the financial, operational, environmental, tax and regulatory fundamentals of this practice area, which requires the overlapping expertise and savvy support of corporate practice.


OMG has assisted businesses in all levels of the production and supply chain of the intricately regulated Dominican energy industry. OMG’s top achievements include the strategic planning and design of tax efficient specialized financing structures for electric generators in regional locations, as well as assistance in all regulatory matters, including contractual negotiations with regulators and private concerns involved in all stages of the business.

The term "regulatory" is the most recurrent expression behind everything that implies the formulation of rules and control. The understanding of public policy is the basis of this area of ​​practice. OMG's dense knowledge of all forms of governmental expression helps the firm identify the strict limits between private freedoms and public power.


The constant involvement in regulatory matters, as well as the eagerness to keep updated around the discussions and new regulatory processes have made OMG position itself as an organization specialized in this branch. Its concentration is in regulated economic sectors, including telecommunications, banking, insurance, capital markets, social security and pensions, energy and mining.

Financial Regulation

Institutional Relations

OMG understands public policy. Our success when dealing with governmental agencies is based on an ethical and professional interaction with policymakers. Consultants at OMG are leading practitioners and academics in their practice areas, and consequently hold reputational prestige that appeals to both regulators and governmental officials. OMG Consultants are often invited to participate as regulators and arbiters for public regulatory oversight bodies and commercial chambers. Moreover, the firm is actively involved in the development of norms and legislation for the promotion of a sound and efficient regulatory atmosphere in all markets. 


In addition, OMG advocates the use of ethical principles and values in private and public negotiations, as part of its ongoing program of Social Impact.

OMG is a pioneer in Dominican Social Security regulation having an undisputed standing in this practice area. We have had a great deal of participation in all aspects of this relatively novel and still largely unknown field, assisting pension fund administrators and health care provider associations, in regulatory and administrative matters as well as litigation and mediation vis-à-vis the social security oversight bodies of the Social Security System. OMG actively advises domestic and foreign companies regarding their social security obligations.

Social Security

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