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OMG understands that innovation is an essential part of development and that intellectual property is one of the most important tools to achieve and encourage such innovation. Being aware of the importance of an efficient administration of intellectual property assets, the firm has developed a specialized department with a broad and strategic vision of protection of its clients' intellectual property rights, offering the highest standards of efficiency and quality.


Our Intellectual Property Team handles all aspects of intellectual property issues, including consultation, registration and maintenance of distinctive signs and inventions, copyright and related rights, entertainment law, defense of rights, dispute resolution, as well as negotiations and drafting of agreements related to licensing, franchising and distribution.

Areas of Concentration

Intellectual Property Audits

Always concerned with the proper protection and use of intellectual property assets, we offer our clients an important tool: conducting audits that will allow us to determine if, in fact, such assets are duly protected and are taken full advantage of. We continually stress to our clients that while intellectual property is an important tool for development, the results will depend on its correct management and use.

OMG provides support and assistance in designing and implementing strategies related to administrative procedures, both judicial and alternative (mediation, negotiation, arbitration and litigation) for the defense and protection of intellectual property rights of their clients.

Defense & Protection of Rights

Entertainment & Sports Law

OMG has guided its clients for years in the areas of entertainment and media in the design and implementation of business strategies appropriate to their industry, providing legal support to carry out corresponding operations. In addition, OMG participated directly in the country's efforts to promote sustained development of the film industry. In that sense, OMG participated as part of the commission formed by the Dominican Government to issue a Film Law containing the proper incentive to attract investment needed to boost the industry. OMG provides services to the entertainment industry covering all types of media: TV, movies, music, publishing, advertising, internet, among others.

As for sports, OMG provides services for the negotiation and execution of agency agreements, licenses, identity protection and privacy of athletes and sports teams, competence and confidentiality rights, hiring, among others.

OMG offers its clients assistance in all matters regarding the distribution of products. We assist local and international companies in their distribution within the Dominican territory as well as in cross border distribution. We also assist our clients in the design of the most favorable legal, corporate and fiscal structure for the business. Additionally, we register, when applicable, the distribution rights under Dominican Law before the competent authorities. Furthermore we assist our clients in the application and interpretation of international treaties and its influence in these types of contracts. 

Distribution Agreements


OMG has vast experience in Franchising Agreements representing both Franchisors and Franchisees. We assist our clients in the design and implementation of the most efficient legal structure for the operation of the business, including the necessary assistance regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. 

OMG assists its clients in matters regarding trademarks licensing agreements, normally within dealings regarding other transactions or businesses (Franchising Agreements, Distribution Agreements, etc.). We assist our clients in the negotiation of the contractual terms as well as in the registry, before the competent authorities, of the licensed rights. 

Trademark Licensing Agreements

Filings & Registrations

Without a doubt, the proper protection of intellectual property rights is greatly influenced by the proper registration of such rights as to achieve the effective protection of the same against third parties. Our practice is based not only on the registration process (both local and international), but also takes care of advising our clients to the procedure that meets their needs, including the processes involved to register trade names, trademarks and services, inventions, logos, industrial designs, utility models, licensing, copyright registration, health records, among others.

An essential part of protecting intellectual property is in the proper use and timely registered rights, and prevent unauthorized third parties make use of them. In this sense, OMG provides watch services for trademarks, logos and other copyrighted by our clients for the purpose of early detection of potential violations of their intellectual property rights and take appropriate action.

Watch Services

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