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OMG provides continuing legal representation to its clients in the management of their conflicts. The practice applies the tools of traditional litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiation, depending on the circumstances of each particular case, the needs of its clients and the economics involved.


The innovative approach implemented by OMG allows it to go beyond the evident conflict and focus on the client’s interests in order to develop the proper strategy to be implemented. Based on the foregoing, the firm’s practice is devoted to the design and implementation of new legal products that focus on developing a client’s value chain. The firm’s thriving litigation and dispute resolution practice covers all areas of law.

Areas of Concentration

Civil Law

OMG successfully handles civil claims for clients in a wide range of industries, some of which include banking, insurance, hotels, food and beverages, retail and construction, among others. 

The organization has vast experience in debt recovery and has represented some of the most important financial institutions with presence in the Dominican Republic as well as individuals and private entities seeking to recover their credits. In addition, OMG handles a considerable part of the country’s cases dealing with tort law and routinely represents the interest of both plaintiffs and defendants. 

OMG has been widely successful representing the interest of its clients in commercial litigation. Our experience includes derivative suits, contractual claims, conflicts between stockholders, distributorship claims, consumer law conflicts and intellectual property litigation, as well as conflict management in regulated industries such as pension funds, banking and insurance. Our team is unique in combining a deep knowledge of commercial law as well as conflict management skills. Such balance differentiates the firm’s practice, which relies on our Consultants’ proven ability to understand the business language of our clients, design the proper strategy and therefore add value.

Commercial Law

Criminal Law

Our criminal law practice ranges from misdemeanors to more complex crimes like fraud, aggravated theft and money laundering. OMG’s relevant experience includes the supervision of the strategy implemented in one of the most shocking banking frauds in the country, as well as successfully representing plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of fraud and aggravated theft cases. 


OMG takes advantage of its solid understanding of corporate law to properly design legal strategies regarding white-collar crimes pursuant to our legal framework. 

OMG believes in planning, therefore, the firm has developed an extensive practice that is based on anticipating customer potential contingencies related to labor and to propose innovative solutions to reduce this impact. The firm provides advice to clients, suggesting improvements to internal processes and assisting in project management to minimize risk.


OMG also has extensive experience in social security issues through participation in the bills, creation and installation of the Dominican Social Security System, as well as provided ongoing advice to some of the most important market participants.

Labor Law

Alternate Dispute Resolution

OMG strongly believes that its clients get more value if most of their conflicts are properly managed through alternative means. In that regard, the firm has gained important experience in arbitration, negotiation and mediation. OMG is very much aware of the importance of preserving good relationships and protecting what really matters to our clients. At OMG we look forward to obtain extraordinary outcomes implementing non-adversarial methods of dispute resolution that stand out of the common approach typically used by the industry worldwide. 


OMG has developed great liens with important institutions in order to develop and implement Alternative Dispute Resolution as a feasible mean to handle conflicts. In addition, the firm is in a continuing process of developing new products for our clients to help them better address their conflict management processes.

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