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OMG's Tax Team is regarded as a highly talented and innovative group of experts on income tax and VAT; it is also recognized for a practical bottom-line approach that looks for the most efficient organizational structures and measures the efficacy of the solutions proposed against the tangible net savings resulting from such solutions to clients.


We undertake tax planning projects on a stand-alone basis or as an integral part of its engagement in other projects or practices through a very dynamic cross-service structure. OMG's approach to tax planning and claims related thereto includes a thorough analysis of applicable taxes—either direct or indirect—following strict ethical standards.

Areas of Concentration

Tax Auditing

Amongst our services we offer accounting and taxation auditing, through which we examine and evaluate in detail the accounting records of the client, as well as their tax filings, with the final intention of proving out the integrity and exactitude of the records mentioned above; taking into consideration the best accounting practices that are applicable and the current taxation dispositions. Once the analytical process has taken place we proceed in giving our recommendations in order to optimize the clients processes and filings.

We analyze all relevant information regarding the activities carried out by our clients and we are entrusted with presenting these activities in the different types of formats of monthly tax filings (IR-3, IR-17, Format 606, ITBIS, among others) and yearly (IR-2, Tax over Assets), as well as any other that may be applicable opportunely. We have a centralized alert and notification system available, which guarantees the on-time fulfillment of the established deadlines. We follow best practices and correct taxation procedures and norms, guaranteeing the certainty of disposing controls and information against any action emitted by the General Direction of Internal Taxation (Dirección General de Impuestos Internos).


Tax Planning

Our team analyzes systematically and rigorously all the likely activities to be developed by the client against the potential taxation measures that may be applicable. Having effectuated this exercise results in the most efficient and strategic structure to carry out specific, as well as recurrent, operations, maintaining in all situations a strong attachment to strict ethical standards, constant actualization and specialized preparation amongst the members of our team. We work on tax planning projects independently or as an integral part of the client’s involvement in other projects or practices, through a dynamic inter-departmental service structure. 

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