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We understand that the family is an essential component of the development of society. Relationships created by family ties have legal, economic, and social implications that impact the lives of the people who are part of it. Aware of this reality, our practice specializing in Personal and Family Law seeks to protect the interests of our clients in a strategic manner.


We believe in the importance of a committed and humane legal accompaniment that always takes into account the relevance and sensitivity of our clients' personal goals. We demand ourselves to be constantly updated for the proper execution of the processes handled and to augur a healthy interaction with public and private institutions. At the same time, we promote the development of the necessary soft skills in our consultants to add value to our clients.


We offer legal consulting based on attention to detail, seriousness and finesse, in order to provide security and stability to our clients in their processes. From inheritances, partitions or constitution of a family council, to interdiction processes, visitation, alimony, as well as all the migratory processes related to the individual and his or her permanence in the Dominican Republic, practices in which we have excelled and acquired vast experience.

Areas of Concentration


At OMG we have developed an extensive practice in migration matters, to manage processes related to people and their legal situation in the Dominican Republic. Job residencies, rentiers and investment and/or naturalization processes have been constant practices in our Organization, which positions us in immigration matters and allows us to achieve our goals before multiple government institutions.

Concerned about the protection of the client's personal and economic interests, as well as the impact of the marital relationship on their lives, we provide the design of a strategic plan both amicable and/or contentious, aligned with the final well-being of our client.



At OMG we offer assistance and representation in the distribution of assets, both prior to the celebration of marriage and on the occasion of divorce proceedings, division of inheritances, division of assets of a de facto or de jure partnership and, in general, distribution of assets. We promote the resolution of conflicts in an effective manner, taking into account the particularities of each case, based on an exegetical analysis of the field of action, which is always tied to the protection of the interests and desires of our clients.

Visitation may be established by mutual agreement of the parties or imposed by a court. Visitation rights are granted in favor of the minor, whose interests are superior in this process. Aware of the rights of children and adolescents, as well as the wishes of parents, at OMG we accompany our clients to achieve a successful process for the development of relationships in the future.



The imposition of alimony for the benefit of the minor entails the duty to verify the needs of the minor, taking into account the lifestyle, custom and satisfaction of peremptory duties that he or she has enjoyed. Our team accompanies step by step in processes of fixing, variation, maintenance and non-compliance of pension, guaranteeing the best result for our client.

The rights of a person by reason of death must be protected and possibly enforced with a view to the division of the deceased's property. At OMG we are committed to an analytical, strategic and economic vision that allows the protection of the interests involved.



The state of partial or absolute incapacity that afflicts a person may affect him or her and his or her family members in the signing of acts of a legal nature. An interdiction process involves a court decision whereby the administration of the property and legal representation of the incapacitated person is assigned to another person. Our consulting and assistance services allow our clients not only to achieve their goals, but also to feel accompanied in these processes.

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