Recognizing the importance of negotiations in this changing world, with so many particular interests, OMG has made an alliance with internationally recognized firm in negotiation Cambridge International Consulting, a team of consultants and academic experts with strong ties to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

The Cambridge OMG Alliance is a local-international alliance, focused on generating value through Negotiation and Strategic Influence, achieving the most effective results regarding intelligent decision making, synergy creating, conflict management, change management, mergers, acquisitions, public-private sector alliances, building of consensus and sustainable agreements. 

What we do -  Negotiation
Corporate Negotiations
Change & Project Management
Preparation, consulting, guidance & coaching in Negotiation
Assisted Negotiation (Facilitation)
What we do - Negotiation Workshops

Tailored Workshops

Program on Negotiation of Harvard Law School
  • Harvard and MIT professors available for consultancies, conferences and executive programs throughout Latin America.

  • Special Workshops at Harvard, Negotiation, Change Management and Leadership with Harvard professorial specialists