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OMG Experience


OMG offers its clients value-added bespoke solutions through a highly qualified and client-committed team.

The firm is known for its ability to plan and elaborate profound and critical analysis, providing clients not only an elevated level of technical expertise, but also specialized knowledge of the particular industry that pertains each client. 

At OMG we make an effort to exceed the expectations of our clients, understanding their businesses and objectives, and providing integral and creative solutions that result in tangible benefits for them.


OMG was created under a “think tank” concept and our work method is based on research, analysis and planning, with the objective of anticipating market situations and producing concrete solutions.

The firm’s processes are oriented towards the design of structures that guarantee the efficiency of the project for the client and initiate with a thorough analysis of the potential risk map to determine the most reliable structure options to control the risks involved.

Additionally, OMG’s internal procedures stipulate that every solution generated must obey the guidelines of the RAE (Strategic Analysis Report), which consists in evaluating the case and carrying out a peer review regarding the potential risks and possible legal structures before being presented to the client.

OMG guarantees its clients opportune advice that responds to international standards. Our processes allow our Consultants to provide an optimum combination of fluidity of service and technical perfection. This has contributed to the extraordinary loyalty that our clients have maintained since the firm’s foundation.


We work in open spaces that allow for an effective communication flow that facilitates teamwork and at the same time induces collaboration among the members of our team.

We create synergy, sharing knowledge in real time and ensuring good response times and satisfactory results through adequate and opportune feedback.

The accessibility that is achieved between the team members promotes productivity and also brings about the special group mystique and strong personal bonds that characterize the OMG family.


Creativity is our main guideline when it comes to providing solutions for our clients. For our team this entails thinking “outside the box”, while constantly learning throughout this process. Our team also invests a lot of effort into acquiring the know-how of the businesses of our clients, always going a step further in order to identify potential opportunities. 


As an integral part of our innovative philosophy, at OMG we make use of technology looking out for the benefits of our clients. We employ high-end technology to obtain efficiencies and speed up solutions, as well as to enable our team’s availability at all times in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

In addition we practice a paperless policy at the firm that is not only eco-friendly, but also results in organizational efficiencies and contributes to the response capability of our team.