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Our Firm

Founded in 2001, OMG was born with the purpose of adding value through a specialized practice: a “think tank” of sorts devoted to research and analysis, with the capacity to anticipate market situations and produce laboratory-created legal and business solutions.

OMG is one of the leading consulting firms in the Dominican Republic, offering a complete range of services in the fields of legal, strategic, management, and financial consulting. A general practice firm, OMG is oriented toward strategic business planning and is known for its skill in handling the most sophisticated and demanding legal and business challenges.

Our mission is to create value through a staff that dedicates much energy, creativity and a great deal of experience to the development of new alternatives to make the businesses of our clients more efficient.

Our firm is based on five core values:

  • Innovation
  • Synergy
  • Opportunity
  • Knowledge
  • Planning

Our excellent staff is available at any time to satisfy the needs of our clients in strict compliance with applicable law, with a very efficient knowledge management, strategic planning, teamwork and state-of-the-art technology.

OMG is affiliated to LEGUS, a prestigious international network of leading law firms, and has founded the OMG Specialized Institute in Research and Legal Education (IOMG), to promote independent thinking and strategy formulation in legal issues pertaining to the development of the Dominican Republic.

OMG has a team of over 40 Consultants and has three offices within the territory of the Dominican Republic, which are located in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana.


Our clients rely on a structure that has been designed to meet the most sophisticated and specialized needs of any industry.

The firm operates through Departments with diverse teams, including Practice Groups and Industry Groups, working in an integrated manner and applying best practices to guarantee for each project the ideal mix of market knowledge and the technical expertise required.

The firm prides itself for its emphasis in anticipating, planning and understanding the business of its clients and the markets where they compete. OMG Consultants immerse in a continuous strategic planning exercise with the client, allowing for a timely awareness of his needs, opportunities and competitive advantages, thus enabling the firm to generate innovative solutions in real time.