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Business Guide

We hereby present OMG’s Business Guide.

OMG’s Business Guide has been designed with the purpose of providing a general overview of the investment climate in the Dominican Republic. Our Consultants have developed the Guide’s sections using relevant information regarding the different industries and their legal framework, creating a resource tool to aid in the decision making process for investing in the Dominican Republic.

During the last decade the Dominican legal system has undergone one of its most profound transformations. In the 90’s the country had been submitted to an accelerated process of deregulation that led us to eliminate, one by one, most of the restrictions to foreign investment and a legacy of protectionism from the 80’s. This liberalization of our legal structures created the foundation for one of the most spectacular periods of economic growth in Latin America (and the world, for that matter).

The last decade our legislators and regulators have geared their efforts towards a moderated regulation aimed at strengthening our institutions, avoid market inefficiencies, preserve macro-economic stability, promote social welfare and assure the country’s insertion into the global economic order. The result has been a regulatory framework of notorious complexity that has made a greater challenge of doing business in the Dominican Republic but that at the same time has allowed the country to maintain its impressive growth pattern in the midst of a global economic crisis.

This Guide does not intend to be exhaustive nor does it constitute a legal opinion or advice. In order to receive professional assistance do not hesitate to contact one of our Consultants.

The information contained in this Business Guide has been updated as of October 2011.